The Dark Side of Internet Marketing

There is so much BS in the on-line marketing world today, this is the unfavorable dark side to the industry.

I cannot tell you how many times I have received emails about magic tricks to making money online. Or offers of some “hidden loophole” that will allow you to exploit online services like Google, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Most of these “secrets” MAY work for a while, but are not tailored to long-term success.

I fell for a lot of these secrets and loopholes. Honest, there really are few “secrets”, and any kind of possible “loophole” will be shut down when they are found.

If you’re like me, you have probably asked yourself these questions about your online efforts:
Why can’t I find anything that makes money for me?
What am I doing wrong?
Am I the only one that isn’t really generating income online?
Why does it have to be so complex?
Are people telling me the truth regarding exactly what really works today?

After almost quitting this online marketing stuff, I did some thinking about why I was not being successful.

I felt like I was being an easy target of these deceitful, dark marketers that just wished to market anything, whether it worked or not.

I decided I needed to make a change, I decided I needed to quit chasing the new shiny things. I needed to be much more disciplined on what I bought. I made the decision to concentrate on something that would not just be profitable today, but would be profitable long into the future. I decided to only concentrate on that one thing until I started making money.internet-marketing-dark-side

I knew that “the money was in the email list”, and I needed to start focusing on building an email list. But, I needed to find someone to follow who I thought I could trust and someone who knew their stuff.

I bought a few lower priced courses looking for that person and their training.

This is what I found!

This guy has a great easy to understand teaching style that makes sense. He breaks his training down into small bite sized chunks.

Thanks to Brendan, I have finally started making money online. Following Brendan I have made over $750 in the last month. It’s not life changing income yet, but does make a difference. I can’t claim that you will make money, because everyone is different and has different skills.

I am confident that if you follow Brendan, by starting with this training, and utilizing what he teaches, I am confident you will make money.

This is working today in 2017, and will work in 2018.

It’s time you stopped buying all those Bullsh*t courses, and tools you never utilize, and get back to the easy fundamentals…that have actually been working for years.

What you need is basic, sound training, that educates you on exactly what effective online marketers have actually been doing for years.

Begin focusing on what works.

Thanks for reading,